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Monroe West Monroe Business and Professional Women

Member of the Louisiana Federation of Business and Professional Women

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Join the Premier Nonpartisan, Grassroots Organization for Working Women!

Membership in BPW is open to all women and men who share our goals:
  • Equal Pay
  • Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment
  • A Family Friendly Workplace
  • Advocating for the needs of workingwomen

Membership Categories

Member of a Local Organization
Membership is open to all individuals who share our goals.  

Student Member
Student membership is open to individuals enrolled in a college or a university, or any other accredited educational institution above the high school level.

If you don’t have a “home base", MWM BPW offers a Member-At-Large category so that you can take advantage of the benefits of membership that best suit your needs and circumstances.

A Member-At-Large is not affiliated with a local organization, paying only state dues directly to BPW Louisiana, with voting rights only at the state level.

Dual Membership
Members may hold dual local organization memberships and/or dual state memberships.

A member in good standing may request transfer from one local organization to another. To remain in good standing, a member’s dues must be current.

All categories of membership include a subscription to the In the Loop, the official newsletter.

Monroe-West Monroe Business & Professional Women

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